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Czech Grimm Edition

Český Grimm

The main objective of the Czech Grimm Edition is a satisfaction of passion and interest in Czech mythology, legends, traditions and rituals, which have significant impact on our lives for centuries.


Edition title “Czech Grimm” was born from the revival idea of the folk art tradition and retelling old stories. As a follow - up to Brothers Grimm, the big collectors of myths, legends and fairy tales in Germany, we want to continue in this narrative journey in the context of East European countries. One of the person, who was collecting and archiving folklore stories in our country was Karel Jaromír Erben. He was our Czech Grimm. We want to revive the Grimm tradition and continue where K. J. Erben finished with his work.


The first published publication in this edition is the Bouquet – The Comic Book, visual collections of poems by Karel Jaromír Erben. More informations about edition you can find at

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Bouquet - The Comic Book

Komiksová Kytice

We have approached 12 leading illustrators and created the massacre in poetry for you! 

In connection to the celebration of Karel Jaromír Erben's birthday, we have decided to bring back to life the Bouquet in its original conception. We have revived Bouquet in its raw horror form and we are presenting it to you in a unique form of a collective work with a manual for reading the deep symbolism of this literary classics. Follow us on its original narration journey.

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